Image of David Baindle (main character) panicking and saying "Wait!" with sweat drops around him.

This series is rated 16+ as it contains content not suitable for younger viewers, along with subject matter that can be considered triggering for some viewers.

Content Warnings:
- Explicit Language (Swearing)
- Mild Violence (Blood and Gore)
- Sexual Content and Nudity
- Smoking/Drugs and Alcohol Use
- Eyestraining Colors/Imagery

Trigger Warnings:
- Suicidal Themes and Self Harm
- Discussions of Homophobia, Transphobia, Ableism, and Verbal/Physical/Sexual Abuse
- Disassociation from Reality

Image of the cover to "Bugs! Life of a Horned Beetle", with David Baindle (main character) standing in a circle surrounded by different colors with the other characters in them as silhouettes. The logo is at the bottom of the circle, under David's tie.

Status: On hiatus!

What is "Bugs!" all about?
"Bugs! Life of a Horned Beetle" is well...about the life of a horned beetle of course! David Baindle specifically, who is a Japanese Rhino Beetle living in a city called Buggington. This place has a thriving population of anthropomorphic insects of all species, working jobs or just living their life in the bustling city. David is one of them as he works at Butler Corp (the largest corporation in Bugginton) and sharing an apartment with a fly named Montreal. He also accompanies friends and his girlfriend Ellie. David struggles a lot, whether through mental battles or things happening around him. Even though he feels joy with the people he loves, his traumatic memories still haunt him sometimes (especially in his dreams)...hope the big guy will be ok.

"Bugs!" is currently being established as a webcomic but there are future plans of turning it into an animated project!

Image of David, holding a bag with an annoyed expression.

"Bugs!" has a cast of vibrant and expressive characters! So why don't you meet them all?

Logo for Beetlebus Creations. An image of a dark blue beetle with two white square windows on its body stands on the left side. The "Beetlebus" text is a magenta color, and the "Creations" text is in black with a smaller size and different font.

Hello! You can call be "Beetle"! I am the creator of "Bugs! Life of a Horned Beetle". I started developing this series in late 2019 after falling in love with a beetle character I designed earlier in the year (who became David) and wanted to create a series with him as the main character. The webcomic started in March 2020 (right when the COVID-19 pandemic started) but has gone through many revisions through the years. I hope to continue bringing new things to this project in the future!

Below are links for socials, portfolio, and commissions if you want to support my work! It will help me a ton!!!

Image of David holding a green cup with his eyes closed and kneeling. He is wearing a purple shirt and gray pants.

The "Bugs!" characters care about your health and well being! Here are some helpful and important links to help yourself and others.

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Image of the David Baindle, standing with a happy expression with waving one hand up. His body is dark blue and has a fleshy face, with a fork-shaped horn on the top of his head. He has a round body and four arms, and wings in the back. He wears a light bl

David Baindle
David is the main character of the story! He is a rhino beetle man living in the city and working at Butler Corp. He originally lived in the countryside with his family but after going to college he decided to stay in Buggington cause he felt more comfortable there. He has a girlfriend named Ellie and the two have been together for a few years (as they first met in college and reunited years later). David enjoys video games, karaoke, yoga, and hanging out with his friends.

Image of Ellie Rose standing with a smile and wave. She has a red body with antennae sticking out of her black hair, with balls at the end also being black. Her cheeks are light pink and has eyelashes. Her dress is a vibrant pink with light pink collar and

Ellie Rose
Ellie is a ladybug woman living in Buggington and working as a piano teacher. She started playing the instrument at a young age and continued studying music in school. She is in a relationship with David and have been going strong for a few years, as they are very close and she sometimes mentors over her boyfriend when times get rough. Ellie is independent and caring for others, but can act up when necessary. She also hates waking up in the morning.

Image of Kevin Lance making a step forward while looking away with a big grin. His head is round with antennae sticking out at the top. He has large eyebrows, head wrinkle with two lines, small round eyes, and white teeth. He has six arms and a dark blue s

Kevin Lance
Kevin is a interesting individual, originally coming from the underwater depths. He was raised in a sheltered home by his parents, being homeschooled and heavily monitored due to being in the autism spectrum and having other mental disabilities. Similar to David, he stayed up in Buggington after college so he could roam free as an adult. Nowadays he has been working at the front desk in Butler Corp (for 10 years now!) and started to grow a bond with David. Kevin can act immature and weird to others, whether taking the body pillow of his anime girlfriend into public spaces or secretly watching adult videos at work, but that doesn't make him less of a Kevin!

Image of Montreal Robertson standing with his legs apart and holding a cigarette in his hand with a serious expression. He has a dark gray body with large red eyes with lines instead of pupils, small light blue wings, and small hairs on his head, arms, and

Montreal Robertson
Montreal is a fly man living in an apartment with David. Their different personalities tend to clash with each other, but sometimes they bond and chat it out. Monty currently works at a burger restaurant as a cook, and is pretty good although he doesn't like admitting it. Although he may seem grouchy and a disgusting smoker, he's actually pretty chill.

Image of Joey Barrows making a surprised expression while being in the air. He has a light green body, light red eyes that are far apart, long neck, two scythe-shaped arms, lighter green wings, four legs, antennae and a tuft of hair on his head. His head i

Joey Barrows
Joey is a mantis who works at Butler Corp, often with the tech department. He has been David's best friend since high school and even went to the same college. Nowadays they work at the same job since the two studied computer science. Joey has a special interest in computer tech and robotics, so if you need help with your PC then go call him! He is pretty shy and doesn't talk as much as his coworkers, but he wants to make sure things are in order.

Image of Marco Rees standing and smiling. He has a gray body, six arms, antennae, and a dark gray back shell. He has small beady eyes with a big smile. He is also short and has a round body. He wears a yellow dress shirt with a turquoise tie, magenta pants

Marco Rees
Marco is a strange pill bug who works at Butler Corp with David and the others. His main quirk is that he smiles all the time, even during the worst times. It's a trait passed down through generations and cannot be undone, but some bugs theorize that he doesn't always smile when alone or in private spaces. Not much is known about his interests, but he likes to roll around for transportation. It's a neat feature of his species!

Image of Aris Jubilee standing with waving with one hand up. She has a dark body, curled antennae, a long curly nose, dark pink lips and eyeshadow, light gray to orange gradient hair, light gray eyebrows, and large butterfly wings with orange inside and br

Aris Jubilee
Aris is a butterfly who moved into Buggington after leaving her wealthy family. She wanted to pursue fashion design but doesn't have much experience for it yet, so she is working at a daycare instead. Aris is currently with her girlfriend Patty and the two have a strong bond with each other! Aris also enjoys studying human biology as a hobby, as the lives of human beings interest her.

Image of Patty Lawrence, standing and looking away with one hand behind her head. She has a pink body with small hairs on the arms and legs, tan colored almond shaped antennae with orange bumps around them, large black eyes with highlights and eyelashes, s

Patty Lawrence
Patty is a rosy maple moth who currently works at the Buggington Library. Although she is serious about her job, Patty is a total sweetheart who is very obsessed with different novels! If you're curious, her favorite genres are romance and mysteries. She is dating Aris and sometimes reads to her so she can fall asleep easier. Patty also enjoys sweet foods and online shopping.

Image of Pepper Mendoza, standing with a serious look. They have a long and round head with antennae on top, orange wings with brown inside, small off colored eyes with small and round black eyebrows, firefly bulb on their behind, and four arms. They wear

Pepper Mendoza
Pepper is a firefly who works in nightly community service in the Buggington park. During the day, they practice karate and judo so they can become strong like the bigger insects. Pepper is fiesty and short-tempered, but deep down they are very caring for those who are respectful to them, like David. They also make some yummy veggie dumplings like they're REALLY good you should try some they are full of flavor.