This comic is recommended for readers 16 AND UP as there is content included that may not be appropriate for younger viewers. Content that includes:

  • Mild Violence/Gore

  • Mild Sexual Content/Nudity

  • Swearing/Bad Language (was originally censored, but will not be anymore)

  • Use of Drugs/Smoking/Alcohol

  • Dark Themes

WARNING: This comic also includes (or might/plan to include) some subject matter that might be triggering towards some viewers. Content that could include:

  • Abuse (Physical/Sexual/Verbal)

  • Self Harm

  • Suicide/Suicidal Thoughts

  • Discussions/Mentions of Homophobia, Transphobia, and Ableism

  • Derealization

"BUGS!" (or BUGS!: The Daily Life of a Horned Beetle) is a comic/project created by internet fellow beetle-bus!

The story is a slice of life following David, a Japanese Rhino Beetle, living in a city inhabited by thousands of other humanoid insects. David's life is busy and difficult, but he tries to find ways to make things a little better for him. He encounters several new faces (both bad and good), while cherishing the ones he loves. David also deals with strange dreams almost every night, but let's not get into that right away...

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The way the comic's layout and formatting has changed (originally each episode was just one page but was changed to be like a traditional comic with multiple pages for each episodes) so I separated them in two sections. I might go back and redo the old pages but I'm not sure.

  • Name: David R. Baindle

  • Age: 29

  • Gender/Pronouns: Male (he/him)

  • Sexuality: Bisexual

  • Species: Japanese Rhino Beetle

  • Birthday: May 3rd (Taurus)

David is a man filled with anxiety and struggles with living a decent life, but he tries the best he can. Although his species are viewed as big and strong, David is gentle and rather not cause violence (unless you piss him off somehow). He gets a lot of comfort from his girlfriend Eli and friend Joey, but shows discomfort from his roommate Montreal. His hobbies includes singing (not in front of others), collecting stuff, playing video games, and other various things!

  • Name: Eli B. Rose

  • Age: 27

  • Gender/Pronouns: Female (she/her)

  • Sexuality: Pansexual

  • Species: Ladybug

  • Birthday: July 26th (Leo)

Eli is a girl who cares a lot for the ones she's close to, in which case it's David who is her boyfriend. The two met while in college but didn't start dating till a few years after she graduated. Eli's passion is in music, as she is currently a piano teacher and her dream is to become a famous pianist. Her other hobbies include cooking, gardening, and spending time with David.

  • Name: Montreal E. Robertson

  • Age: 31

  • Gender/Pronouns: Male (he/him)

  • Sexuality: Heterosexual

  • Species: House Fly

  • Birthday: June 17th (Gemini)

Montreal is (currently) David's roommate and really wishes he would move out already. Although he acts pretty laid back, Monty is easily annoyed and kinda selfish. He treats the apartment as his own "man cave" and doesn't clean up his messes much (as David usually has to do it instead). Monty works at a fast food restaurant, as he dropped out of college second year. His goal in life is to get a girlfriend, but that might be far off from now...

  • Name: Joey A. Barrows

  • Age: 28

  • Gender/Pronouns: Male (he/him)

  • Sexuality: Homosexual

  • Species: Praying Mantis

  • Birthday: August 30th (Virgo)

Joey is David's coworker and best friend since high school. He is autistic and has a special interest in computers and tech, which is a reason why he got an office job of some sorts. Joey is introverted but nice to others, yet throughout his life he has mistreated for how he is (mostly by his family). He never had many friends, but always stuck with David's side.

  • Name: Aris S. Jubilee

  • Age: 27

  • Gender/Pronouns: (Trans) Female (she/they)

  • Sexuality: Bisexual

  • Species: Monarch Butterfly

  • Birthday: September 5th (Virgo)

Aris originally came from a wealthy family, but moved to the city to pursue a different career. She has a fondness for designing clothes, and wants to open up a fashion store someday....but as of now she just works at a daycare. Aris is dating Patty and is also friends with David.

  • Name: Patty E. Lawrence

  • Age: 28

  • Gender/Pronouns: Female (she/her)

  • Sexuality: Lesbian

  • Species: Rosy Maple Moth

  • Birthday: January 17th (Capricorn)

Patty works as a librarian, and is very devoted to her job. She has a bubbly personality and is REALLY into books. She also like shopping and baking stuff as well. Patty is very close to her girlfriend Aris, as the two actually met at the library and spend a lot of time together.

  • Name: Marco M. Rees

  • Age: 27

  • Gender/Pronouns: Male (he/him)

  • Sexuality: Asexual

  • Species: Pill Bug

  • Birthday: February 21st (Pisces)

Marco is an....odd one. He ALWAYS smiles and never shows other emotions, and he's very good at his job. He is coworkers of both David and Joey, with Joey being pals with him and David feeling suspicious over how he acts. Marco's life outside work is unknown, but he does like to roll around for easy transportation.

  • Name: Pepper G. Mendoza

  • Age: 26

  • Gender/Pronouns: Nonbinary (they/he)

  • Sexuality: Asexual

  • Species: Firefly

  • Birthday: April 9th (Aries)

Pepper works community service at night, and prefers to isolate themself from other bugs. They are short-tempered and annoyed how bugs question or make fun of how they look. Pepper is also a black belt in karate, and wouldn't mind physically hurting people who get in their way.